DSD confirms £209,000 funding for Grange estate


Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey has announced a £209,000 funding package to improve transport access in Ballyclare’s Grange estate.

The funding will provide 30 car parking spaces in the Grahamstown area and improve access to many homes.

Residents currently have difficulty accessing transport including access for emergency services, delivery vehicles and carers.

Mr Storey commented: “Following a Departmental consultation with Grange estate residents, it became clear that transport access for both residents and essential services was a major issue.

“As many of the residents are elderly and disabled, transportation is essential to ensure a good quality of life.

“I was therefore delighted to be able to approve funding to ensure that residents will not only have essential parking but also greatly improved access for emergency services, carers and delivery services.”

The Department for Social Development will provide funding worth £209,000 while the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) will provide an additional £24,000 to cover costs such as design and project management.

According to the DSD, the project will commence shortly with work due to be completed by March 2015.