East Antrim MLA Alastair Ross discusses cybercrime with European leaders

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Chairman of the Stormont Justice Committee Alastair Ross has met with Deputy Director of Europol Will van Gemert at their HQ in The Hague to discuss cybercrime.

Mr Ross also met with the Senior Strategic Analyst at the European Cybercrime Centre Philipp Amann and Europol’s UK Liaison Reps.

The MLA commented: “The internet has undoubtedly brought people, communities and businesses across the world closer together and opened up previously unimaginable opportunities for good, but it has also afforded criminals with new opportunities for illegal criminal activity as these new ‘cyber crimes’ replace the traditional types of criminal activity we are used to.

“Europol predict that there will be an increase in the size, scope and sophistication of cyber threats and the emergence of new attack vectors in the future.

“The law therefore needs to keep pace with technological advances.

“I will be hosting a cyber-justice event in October bringing together industry leaders to discuss online security, emerging threats and the law around online crimes.”