‘Education is key in the fight against cancer’

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South Antrim DUP MLA Pam Cameron has said that “everything possible” must be done to educate people about cancer prevention and provide effective treatments for those living with the disease.

Following a recent Assembly debate on cancer research and treatment, the Stormont Health Committee member said: “The advances in the treatment of cancer are evident in the increasing survival rates, but we cannot rest on our laurels.

“Prevention and education must remain at the heart of these advances in the future.

“With around half of all cancers attributed to lifestyle choices we need to encourage people to give up smoking, reduce their alcohol intake, eat a balanced diet, exercise more and protect their skin in the sun. A multi-agency approach must be adopted in order to reduce the ever increasing trend of cancer diagnosis.”

Mrs Cameron also called on the Health Minister to ensure that specialist cancer drugs available in other parts of the UK are made available to patients in Northern Ireland.