ELECTION 2017: Logan to contest South Antrim

Mark Logan.
Mark Logan.

Mark Logan has been selected to contest the South Antrim constituency for the NI Conservatives.

Commenting on his selection, Mark said: “Let’s get South Antrim back on track. I am standing for election in South Antrim because I want to see a new Northern Irish politics. I, like many of you, want to live in a community that focuses on the present and future, not the past. I believe the people of South Antrim care more about schools, healthcare, business and the economy than about divisions relating to history.

“I want to offer an agenda that focuses on economic growth and a prosperous future. When I worked at the Foreign Office in China, I was heavily involved in diplomacy to boost UK trade and investment.

“This is my vision for Northern Ireland; trade with neighbours and the wider world, including America and China. I want to see transport improvements, like a new rail link to Aldergrove and technology improvements like faster broadband.”

He continued: “The Conservatives want to see every region flourish, including Northern Ireland. I will focus on getting the best support possible to local businesses so they can compete at home and internationally. I believe in the enterprise of the people of South Antrim. If we further nurture these qualities we can enjoy huge success.

“I also believe in common sense policies. Integrated education is vital. Separate schooling maintains division. Our schools should serve to unite people. I believe we can draw on best practice internationally to improve our schooling. The more we invest in life-long learning the better. I want to massively raise the status of technical education.”

Mr Logan added: “Education and business go together. If we get the right skills mix and investment our economy can flourish. However, competent government is necessary to attract investment and deliver high quality public services. We need new parties at Stormont who can identify priorities and work together to better represent the people of South Antrim and Northern Ireland.

“Mistrust and quarrels at Stormont make Northern Ireland a less attractive investment prospect.

“When the government collapses due to the immaturity and incompetence it sends out negative messages. Well run states like Singapore that project a positive image are magnets for business and investment. Our neighbours south of the border have been successful in this regard; attracting firms like Intel and Pfizer. With our great history steeped in international commercial impact we really can get South Antrim and Northern Ireland back on track.”

He concluded: “We need grown up government. The Conservatives have got the UK economy back on track after the financial crisis. We still know that more has to be done to ensure all regions share in prosperity. This is a huge priority that the Prime Minister and leader of our party - Theresa May - has personally committed to. A vote for the Conservatives in South Antrim will be a vote in favour of growth, jobs, business, skills and a focus on the future, not the past.”

For more information on Mark’s campaign, check out the County Antrim Conservatives Facebook page.