ELECTION 2017: McMaster to stand in South Antrim

David McMaster.
David McMaster.

David McMaster has announced he will contest the Assembly election on March 2.

The Ballyclare man, who is standing as an independent, has previously stood in the Stormont election in 2016 and the council election in 2014.

If successful, David will introduce a number of private members bills including, raising the minimum wage to £9.50 per hour, lowering the voting age to 16 and automatically registering everyone to vote, as well as a bill banning zero hour contracts.

Mr McMaster said: “I think we’re at a tipping point. If Brexit and Trump have shown us anything, it’s that people are no longer voting down predictable lines. I think it’s time we realised that the cannon fodder MLA’s who are there only to make up the numbers, need to be replaced by people who actually want to do the work.”

He continued: “I am willing to work with anyone who is genuinely trying to make all our lives better. Stormont isn’t working, we know that. Since last May’s election until the dissolution of the Assembly, our government hadn’t even decided what it wanted to achieve. This is unforgivable.”

David concluded: “I believe we’re getting past the sectarian politics of green and orange and I know many of us are tired of being taken for fools by politicians who have failed us over, and over again, with local issues being ignored and big promises broken.

“I will be on the ground everyday, not only appearing when I want your vote. I would ask all of you to vote for change this year, just as the 483 people who gave me their first preference vote last year did. They believed not just in me, but in what we could achieve by breaking the system.”

David has set up an online fundraising page to help cover the cost of this year’s campaign.

He explained: “Last year my campaign cost in excess of £2,000 after purchasing leaflets, posters and Facebook advertising trying to spread the word- £1,500 of which I personally spent.

I want to do more this time, reach more people but I can’t do this without help and support from the community.”

If you would like to make a donation in support of David’s campaign, go to www.gofundme.com/38xi7d4

For more information about David’s policies and election campaign, check out the David McMaster Progressive Independent for South Antrim Facebook page.