Election posters still remain in borough

Oliver McMullan.
Oliver McMullan.

Election posters are still on display across the borough, a month after voters went to the polls.

The Times understands a number of isolated pockets of posters from several parties are still on lampposts across Newtownabbey.

Regulations regarding the erection of election posters are enforced by local councils.

A spokesperson for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council said: “The Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations (NI) 2015 allows election posters to be displayed provided they are removed within 14 days after the close of the poll.

“The council’s Planning Section recently wrote to the local offices of all political parties reminding them of the requirements of the legislation and the need to remove election posters following the recent Westminster election.”

The Times was contacted by a local resident on Tuesday, July 4 who said that several Sinn Fein posters had not been removed from lampposts in Whiteabbey.

Speaking to the Times, the resident who wished to remain anonymous said: “Sinn Fein election posters are still up in Whiteabbey, including several Oliver McMullan posters up lampposts along the lower part of Glenville Road.”

Commenting on the issue, Oliver McMullan said: “Sinn Féin strive to ensure that all election posters are taken down promptly following any election.

“The posters along Glenville Road have now been removed.

“We would ask that if anyone knows of any other posters remaining to contact us at our local office.”

A party source confirmed that any outstanding posters in the region would be removed by the weekend.

Commenting on the issue of the Sinn Fein posters in Whiteabbey, a council spokesperson explained: “While at present no specific complaints regarding election posters have been received, the council will investigate the matter of election posters in the Glenville area of Whiteabbey and contact the political party concerned to ensure compliance with the legislation.”