Destroy noxious weeds now

Farmers and landowners in East Antrim are reminded of the need to destroy noxious weeds.

Under the Noxious Weeds (NI) Order 1977 ragwort, thistle, dock and wild oat are defined as noxious weeds and landowners have a legal responsibility to prevent the spread of these weeds. Owners and occupiers of land are also reminded that ragwort (also called ragweed or benweed) is poisonous and may cause illness and even death to livestock.

Noxious weeds should be destroyed before they have had time to flower, seed and spread. A fact sheet giving information on the control of these weeds in grassland can be obtained from Department of Agriculture, Agri-food Inspection Branch, Room 1019, Dundonald House, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 3SB (Tel: 028 90 524874) or from the DARD Website at

Further advice on weed control can be obtained from your local crops development adviser.