Major pollution incident on Three Mile Water

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A major pollution incident has been reported on the Three Mile Water.

The incident, which has killed approximately hundreds of thousands of invertebrate species including shrimp, was reported to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) yesterday evening (Tuesday).

The affected section is located off the Manse Road.

Speaking to the Times, the chair of the Three Mile Water Conservation & Angling Association, Andy Moore, said: “I attended the scene shortly after 8pm last night. There is a strong smell of oil in the air and fish were struggling in the water.

“There are hundreds of thousands of dead invertebrates floating down the river. We appear to have averted a fish kill for the time being, but this latest incident will have knock-on affects for fish in the river, as their food supply has been reduced. We may see dead fish in the future as a result.

“I would like to praise the officers from the NIEA/DAERA who arrived at the scene quickly after the incident was reported to them. They are currently tracing the source of the latest pollution incident.”

Mr Moore added: “Incidents like this are common in winter months, with domestic oil entering the water. I would appeal to domestic heating oil users to check their oil tanks regularly.”