VIDEO: NI Water pull 'wet-wipe monster' from sewer

The 'wet-wipe monster' removed by NI Water. (Video/Photo courtesy of NI Water)
The 'wet-wipe monster' removed by NI Water. (Video/Photo courtesy of NI Water)

Northern Ireland Water have published a video showing what it describes as a "wet-wipe monster" being removed from a sewer pipe in Newtownabbey.

Gavin McCready, wastewater manager for Belfast warned people against flushing wet-wipes down the toilet.

“It doesn’t need to be Halloween for us to be afraid of what we find down there, everything from children’s bikes to thousands of rags.

“People are under the impression the wet wipes are okay to flush, whether it’s facial, baby or toilet.

"The fact is they are not; even if they say flushable! Unlike toilet paper, these wipes hold a certain amount of water and do not break down quick enough to avoid causing a blockage.

"The same goes for FOG, instead of pouring it down the sink (this includes rinsing off cooking trays) scrape it into the bin or into a bottle for recycling."

Mr. McCready added: “All we ask is that people are more responsible with the disposal of their bathroom and food waste; the next blockage could be in your home, and that would be scary!”