Erskine estate makeover

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THE Housing Executive and Northend Community Association have teamed up on a new project aimed at improving the look of the Erskine/Rashee estate in Ballyclare.

Work started on Monday, January 24 on the NIHE-funded scheme to redevelop the landscape around the local area.

A spokesperson for the Community Association thanked Housing Executive staff Connor Smith and Robert McClean for making sure the funding was secured for the scheme, and for the plans they laid out to tidy up the estate.

“One of the biggest problems we have in the estate is litter and fly-tipping, so to hopefully sort out this problem once and for all, most of the big shrubs that have been in the estate for years are being pulled out and replaced by smaller shrubs. It was ridiculous the amount of rubbish found when these old shrubs were removed.

“The people that maintain the estate on a weekly basis cannot see what’s underneath these old overgrown shrubs, so smaller ones will make it a lot easier to maintain,” he explained.

“The council have promised the Housing Executive that new stone bins will be put into the estate, and this will hopefully sort out the litter problem and we urge all people living in or visiting the estate to use them. “Old trees are being removed to open up the estate in some areas, and new ones are being put in at the green at the top of Rashee. Old battered walls and fences are being replaced with small hedgerows, shrubs and trees. Some cement slabs are being replaced with grass turf and new fencing will be going into some areas.”

Following a walk-about in the estate with Housing Executive staff on January 25, the Community Association spokesperson added: “We feel excited about the work that is being carried out, which should take around two or three weeks to complete.

“We feel this is a new start for the estate and we would ask all the people living in or visiting the estate to maintain it to the tidy level the estate’s residents deserve to live in.”