Eyesore buildings in Jordanstown to be demolished

Councillor Tom Campbell pictured in front of the derelict former school buildings on Jordanstown Road.
Councillor Tom Campbell pictured in front of the derelict former school buildings on Jordanstown Road.

An eyesore property in Jordanstown which has been lying derelict for several years could be demolished within the next few weeks.

The old school buildings on Jordanstown Road, which are owned by a Craigavon-based property development company, have been branded “dangerous and unsightly.”

Local residents have voiced concerns about children accessing the buildings, illegal dumping at the site and young people lighting fires.

The police have also expressed concerns about anti-social behaviour at the property.

After receiving a number of complaints about the eyesore buildings, Newtownabbey Borough Council recently wrote to the owners, Silverwood Property Developments.

The council has now received confirmation that a contractor has been appointed to carry out the demolition, and that work at the site is scheduled to commence on June 9.

A council spokesperson told the Newtownabbey Times: “Silverwood confirmed that they have a tender out for demolition of the site, with demolition works to be completed as soon as possible. They intend to develop the site.”

Local Alliance Party Councillor, Tom Campbell, who lives close to the site, welcomed the confirmation that the buildings are to be knocked down.

He said: “The council has maintained the pressure on the developer to address this.

“The buildings have been in a highly dangerous situation for many years and most residents will welcome this development.”

He added: “I will be keeping an eye on progress on this long-delayed plan for demolition.

“Local residents will see this as progress and they will expect the developer to be true to its word and to expedite the demolition and removal of the remainder of these dangerous buildings.”

Planning permission for a new residential development on the land was granted in August 2010.

Despite gaining planning approval, there have been no moves made as yet to develop the site.

When contacted by the Times, a spokeswoman for Silverwood Property Developments Ltd declined to comment on the company’s future development plans for the site, or to confirm that demolition work would start on June 9.

She stated: “We are speaking directly with the council and demolition is being planned at the site. That’s all I can say at this time.”