Family Focus Centre to host drug and alcohol awareness open day

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Ballyclare Family Focus Centre is holding an Open Day on Monday, June 11, at which a qualified team of staff from Ballymena’s Hope Centre will be on hand to provide professional advice concerning the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Ballyclare Family Focus is located at 4 School Street in the town, opposite the library. The organisation works collaboratively to connect families in the Ballyclare and surrounding area with help and resources that encourage healthy family life, and provides various family support services.

“Drug and alcohol misuse is a major concern in our society today. Maybe you are a parent worried about a child and you feel you have nowhere to turn, or maybe you are a young person needing guidance and support due to an increasing dependency on drugs or alcohol, or even a young person worried about a parent who is misusing drugs or alcohol,” said Mrs Adelyn Carr of Ballyclare Family Focus.

“If so, then you can educate yourself and your family about the effects of drug or alcohol misuse in our society.”

The Open Day runs from 10am to 4pm on Monday, June 11, and all are welcome.

Ballyclare Family Focus also offers the following services: family and one-to-one support; structured recovery programmes; health and fitness information; holistic therapies; counselling and gym sessions.

Adelyn can be contacted on Mob: 07723 621996 for further information about the work of Ballyclare Family Focus.