‘Flood prevention work must be a priority’

MALLUSK Community Action Group Chair Stephen Moran has urged planning authorities to put in place adequate flood prevention measures before allowing any more new housing developments in the area.

Mr Moran said new residential developments in the area have led to increased levels of flooding in lower-lying areas of Mallusk.

He said: “There is not the adequate drainage in place for some of the new homes that have been built in Hydepark and further up in Hightown.

“All we are asking is that the planning authorities make sure there is adequate drainage and flooding prevention in place for the homes that are there before they allow thousands more homes to be built. It is just common sense.”

A spokeswoman for the Department of Agricultural and Rural Development said: “Rivers Agency have reviewed the flooding risk to the immediate vicinity, and determined that works to alleviate flooding would not be cost-beneficial.

“Rivers Agency have offered to assist the residents by providing them with sandbags to quickly utilise during any flood event. To date this offer has not been taken up.”