Ford to defend South Antrim Assembly seat

David Ford MLA.
David Ford MLA.

Alliance leader David Ford will defend his South Antrim constituency seat at this year’s Assembly election, after being unanimously backed by party members.

Officially selected during a South Antrim committee meeting, Mr Ford claimed his party is “the only vehicle for change when it comes to delivering the best for everyone across the constituency.”

“Since 1998 I’ve been honoured to serve the people of South Antrim as an MLA and I’m humbled to have again received the party’s backing to continue to deliver a first-rate service for everyone,” he commented.

“I’ve worked hard to deliver the changed society local people desire, focusing on the issues that matter most to them. That’s why I’ve continued to campaign for the Crumlin rail line to re-open and I’ve consistently called for a joined-up approach to gritting services under the new council. I’ve also been vocal in calling for better legislation regarding animal welfare and I’m currently working on a campaign to ban wild animal circuses from using public land.

“As party leader, I’ve been immensely proud of the diversity of candidates that have stepped forward for Alliance over the past two years. I’m delighted I now get to join them, taking our vision of a shared and inclusive society, free from divisive politics to the electorate.”

The Northern Ireland Assembly election is expected to take place on May 5.