Free collection of electronic items from schools for recycling

Tidy Northern Ireland is once again teaming up with European Recycling Platform (ERP) to offer Eco-Schools the opportunity to recycle any broken or unwanted electrical items for free.

If you have anything with a plug or a battery that needs to be recycled ERP will come to your school and collect it for free. This exciting initiative is not only a great way to have a clear-out but also a fantastic way to help schools to address the waste topic of their Eco-Schools Programme.

ERP will be collecting electronic waste from schools throughout Northern Ireland until the end of June 2012.

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK and Northern Ireland. More than one million tonnes of electronic goods are sold every year, but only around a third is recycled. The materials used to make electronic goods are valuable and can be used to make new products. Recycling protects the environment and stops e-waste going to landfill.

Schools can organise for a collection by contacting: or by downloading the documents directly from the Eco-Schools website: