Frustration over Hightown sewer leak

A GLENGORMLEY businessman has hit out at NI Water for failing to fix a sewage leak in the town.

And despite assurances from the water company that it is working to fix the problem, NI Water has warned the sewer may continue to discharge.

The Glengormley man claimed the sewer, at the bottom of the Hightown Road, had been “constantly leaking for weeks” and complaints made to the Water Service were falling on deaf ears after raw sewage was once again observed flowing down the busy road on Tuesday, October 25.

The man told the Times the matter had been reported to NI Water, and added: “It doesn’t matter if there had been rain or not, the sewer keeps on leaking - it is a real problem.

“There is raw sewage constantly running down the road outside the funeral directors’ and a beauty salon and it absolutely stinks.

“It is not good for them businesses, especially with relatives having to walk through it to attend a funeral and it is time the problem was fixed.”

NI Water issued an assurance that it was working to repair a sewer that it alleged was damaged by another utility company.

However, a spokeswoman said the sewer could leak again.

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