Funding package for schools

SOUTH Antrim Alliance MLA David Ford has urged schools in Newtownabbey to take advantage of the Integrated Education Fund’s PACT grant making programme.

PACT – Promoting a Culture of Trust - offers funding to projects that promote a culture of trust and the development of paths of reconciliation through education.

Mr. Ford said: “The PACT fundraising programme is open to all schools looking to promote acceptance and respect for political, cultural and religious differences.”

“There are many schools across South Antrim, already carrying out goodwork to promote community relations. I would urge these schools to apply for the funding package so they can continue, and even expand, on this good work.

“Our young people hold the potential for a better and brighter future. I strongly believe the experiences learned during these early years hold the key to improved community relations, seeing an end to the ugly scenes of recent months where young children have been caught up in acts of rioting.”