John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON
John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

As the summer bedding plants come to an end, it is time to pull them out and put them on the compost heap or in the recycling bin.

The selection of autumn/winter bedding is not as large as for summer, but you can still have a good display.

Pansies – pack of six, various colours, in flower now. Plant 15-20cm apart. Dead head regularly

Violas – pack of six. Smaller flowers than the pansy and will stand up to wind better.

Ornamental Kale – basically a cabbage but coloured, pink or purples. Very hardy. Space 30cm apart.

Bellis – Large daisy-like flower 20cm high, red, white or pink. Dead head regularly, space 20-25cm apart.

Cyclamen – This is the most impressive and colourful autumn/winter bedding. Dead head regularly, space 20-25cm apart.

Wallflower – Sugar Rush is a new variety introduced a few years ago. Flowers right through to the spring. Dead head regularly.

Hedera – Better known as ivy. Evergreen and very hardy good for the edge of baskets or containers.

Autumn Chrysanthemums – In flower now until late November. Dead head regularly.

In the centre we have a range of plants which look particularly good in the autumn/winter period, such as Skimmias (some with berries), heathers

Leucothoe, Viburnum , Acuba and conifers, all with evergreen foliage.

When planting, use a multi purpose compost or Westland Container & Basket compost with a four-month feed. Spring Flowering

Bulbs can be planted in partnership with Autumn/Winter bedding.