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A WHITEABBEY Girls’ Brigade company is looking for a new home after the church they have been associated with for over half a century told them that the organisation is no longer compatible with its beliefs.

Officers of the 133rd GB company at Whiteabbey Congregational Church broke the disappointing news to the girls and their parents last month.

The shock move came following the church AGM on March 17 when Whiteabbey Congregational adopted a new Doctrinal Statement and Constitution, taking on the name Whiteabbey Congregational Church (Reformed) and approving a list of ‘reforms’ concerning church membership and praise.

A letter from the church reveals that all ‘worship’ will be the singing of the Metrical Psalms without any form of musical accompaniment. It goes on to say that all leaders in church connected organisations such as the Ladies’ Fellowship, Sunday School and Girls’ Brigade must be members of Whiteabbey Congregational.

Following a meeting between GB officers, the Minister and other church officials last month, a letter was sent to parents advising them that the GB company in the church would “close at the end of this season.” Indeed, the girls’ final display took place there on Friday night (May 6).

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