Glengormley disorder: Time to move into enforcement phase, says police commander

Superintendent Muir Clark.
Superintendent Muir Clark.

The borough’s most senior police officer, Superintendent Muir Clark, has vowed to crack down on anti-social behaviour and public disorder in Glengormley.

Commenting on the ongoing trouble in and around the town centre involving large groups of youths, the District Commander warned that having tried engagement and education, he and his officers would now move towards enforcement in a bid to tackle the problem.

While still committed to engaging with young people, their parents and schools about ongoing issues within the local area, Supt Clark warned that it’s time for enforcement action.

“I am moving into the enforcement phase, not that I ever wasn’t there, but there is going to be a real focus on enforcement,” he told the Times.

“There are real consequences for young people being brought into criminal justice system that they don’t realise at 15 or 16.

“If they get a conviction, what it will mean is simple things like in 10 or 15 years if they want to travel to certain countries, like take their kids to Disneyland, they won’t be allowed into America if they have a conviction for riotous behaviour. Thirty seconds of madness now has a lifetime of consequences and I really want to get that across,” Supt Clark added.

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