‘Good work at centre will not be hindered’

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North Belfast DUP MP Nigel Dodds has condemned those responsible for leaving a suspicious device at the Greater Whitewell Community Surgery.

In a statement, Mr Dodds said: “The actions of those responsible for planting the device at the community centre, last Tuesday afternoon (Jan 29), are totally and utterly wrong and I condemn them entirely.

“This has caused a great deal of shock within the wider community and I encourage community workers in the area not to be deterred from the positive work they have been engaging in.

“Community workers from Whitewell; White City; Fairyknowe and Graymount all meet in the surgery alongside young people from each area.

“It is important to recognise that a great deal of work has been going on to develop partnerships within this community, and it is clear that this occurrence has been an attempt to hinder the partnership work from continuing.

“Events such as this are something which should be left in 
the past. I have no doubt that this will not hinder the good work that those within the centre will do in the future.

“I am regularly in the centre, alongside colleagues, receiving updates about what is going 
on within the community. The DUP remain committed to working alongside the Greater Whitewell Community Surgery in making the community a better place to live.”