Graffiti condemned as ‘disgusting racism’

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LOCAL Alliance Party representatives have condemned vandals who painted a pro-Nazi slogan on a wall in Whiteabbey.

Councillors Tom Campbell and Billy Webb described the graffiti, painted on a wall just yards from the village’s war memorial, as “a disgusting display of racism.”

“It is ironic that this graffiti has been placed very close to the war memorial which commemorates those who died fighting fascism and the Nazi cause. These individuals are sick and have no support,” said Councillor Campbell.

“To insert as they have the Star of David into the Nazi slogan shows that far from being regretful about the Nazi campaign of genocide against European and other Jews which resulted in the deaths of over six million men, women and children, they are revelling in these inglorious and shameful actions. I was horrified that anyone would even conceive of putting up such a message for others to read.”

The leader of the Alliance group on Newtownabbey Council, who has visited the concentration camps in Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen, continued: “Fascism has no support in this community. I am sure that this slogan took time to prepare and it may be that members of the public may have seen this. I would urge anyone with information to report it to the police so that appropriate action for criminal damage and racial hatred can be considered.”

Councillor Billy Webb, the Alliance Assembly election candidate for North Belfast, added: “This is a disgusting display of racism and I am alarmed that any right thinking person would take the time to buy paint and spray such a slogan on a wall.

“I was contacted by a number of constituents who were horrified about it and they asked that it be removed as soon as possible. The person who did this should spend a little time reading about the holocaust to learn what Nazism was and is.”

On Monday, Councillor Campbell confirmed that he had asked the council to take immediate steps to remove the slogan.