‘Guilty of an assault on our community’

Mayor Victor Robinson
Mayor Victor Robinson

MAYOR Victor Robinson has condemned the placing of suspect devices in the Cloughfern area as an “attack on our community”.

Following the three security alerts, the Macedon representative said: “Young children, the elderly and disabled people were forced to evacuate their homes on a cold winter’s Friday evening, when most people, after a hard week’s work, look forward to relaxing with their families.

“The people who did this are guilty of an assault on our local communities. Those who are responsible for these mindless actions must be found and held accountable.

“Therefore, I would urge anyone with relevant information to contact the PSNI, so that we can remove this scourge from our midst.

I want to thank the PSNI and the bomb disposal squad for their prompt actions in this matter.”

Councillor Thomas Hogg joined with Alderman Robinson in condemning the actions of those that caused the security alerts.

He said: “It is too early to say whether these suspect devices are from the same source. Whoever is responsible, they deserve the contempt and disgust of all right-thinking people.

“They have no right to inconvenience and disrupt the people of Newtownabbey in this way. They have also caused a great deal of anxiety.

“I condemn the planting of this device without reservation and I call upon anyone who can assist the police to catch those responsible to pass on whatever information they have.”

MLA and fellow councillor Paula Bradley also condemned the actions of those that planted the devices.