Hagan Homes sponsors Ballyclare High School’s 1st XV rugby team shirts

Jamesy Hagan pictured with members of Ballyclare High's 1st XV. Picture by William Cherry/PressEye.com
Jamesy Hagan pictured with members of Ballyclare High's 1st XV. Picture by William Cherry/PressEye.com

Ballyclare-based Hagan Homes is delighted to announce the sponsorship of Ballyclare High School’s 1st XV rugby team shirts.

The company has always had a strong association with Ballyclare High School as Jamesy Hagan, Managing Director, Hagan Homes, explains: “My Dad, James Hagan, went to Ballyclare High School. We have always appreciated the valuable role that sport can play in a person’s life and recognise the importance of supporting young people to allow them to experience this.

“Team sports like rugby teach young people how to work together to achieve a shared objective. It helps them to appreciate the individual skills and talents that others have and how these can combine to create a force to be reckoned with, which is what Ballyclare 1st XV team is!

“Sport also teaches young people the importance of discipline, training and making sacrifices to succeed. Equally important it can teach you how to respond to a situation when you don’t win. It teaches you invaluable coping skills and how to refocus, regroup and move forward.”

Mr Hagan continues: “In the same way that sport is important for individuals it has a critical role in local communities such as Ballyclare. It helps to break down barriers and provides opportunities for parents, grandparents and family members to come together and share in an experience. Hagan Homes is delighted to be part of that and to help the next generation. We will be closely following the progress of the 1st XV team during the season!”

Mike Orchin-McKeever, Director of Rugby and 1st XV Head coach of Ballyclare High School, comments: “It is immensely satisfying to note the extension of Hagan Homes’ family association with the school by becoming the principal financial donor for senior rugby; it is particularly pleasing to enter into a partnership with a company whose values reflect our own. Rugby at Ballyclare High is thriving as the number of boys playing in the senior teams is, at present, 65, with four senior rugby sides already securing fixtures this season.

“The generous support of Hagan Homes will assist us enormously in the further development of this sport, not only for the 1st XV, but for all children (boys and girls) involved in rugby throughout the school. The backing of Hagan Homes demonstrates the importance of building strong and effective relationships within the community, the local club and the school.”