‘Help build community spirit in Glengormley’

Cahterine Hardy, Chair of Glengormley Community Group. INNT 20-006-FP
Cahterine Hardy, Chair of Glengormley Community Group. INNT 20-006-FP

GLENGORMLEY Community Group and Newtownabbey Borough Council are asking local people to help design and shape the future of the town by taking part in a new survey.

The survey will help the group develop a long-term plan to transform Glengormley and provide better facilities to reflect the needs of the community.

Catherine Hardy, Chair of the group said: “The answers to the survey will help us develop a three to five year plan for improvements for around Glengormley.

“It is important as many people take part as possible so that we can have a good picture of what the community wants.

“While we know what many of the major issues are and how we can improve the town, it is important we get the quantitative data to back it up.

“Everyone is looking for funding grants and with us able to demonstrate what the community wants from the survey, our chances of getting funding will be enhanced.”

Questions contained within the survey focus on issues regarding the availability of activities for adults, children and young people, training and development opportunities, provision of basic services, community safety, spaces and facilities.

Catherine added: “This really is to the benefit of all. We have been working with the youth alongside the Queen’s Park Women’s Group and together we have made great strides.

“And we have been working in the Lilian Bland Community Park to make it more of a shared space for all. Through the planting of a community flowerbed in the park we have had youngsters come up to us and ask to plant something and take part. And that is what we are trying to do - get more people involved with the development of Glengormley to build a better community.”

She added: “Glengormley is getting bigger and it is important we start working on building the community spirit and getting it back to where it once was.

“All we are asking is that people take five minutes of their time and complete the survey - it really will make a big difference.”

Members of the group will be canvassing around the town in the coming weeks for people to complete the survey.

However, you can log on to www.newtownabbey.gov.uk/communitysurvey to complete it online.

For further information the community group can be found on Facebook, or email glengormleycommunitygroup@hotmail.co.uk.

More information about the survey can also be obtained from the council’s Community Services Officer Jonathan Henderson on Tel: 028 9034 0066 or by emailing jhenderson@newtownabbey.gov.uk.