Help free ‘jailed’ Mossley pastor

Pastor Frank Silo sampled life behind bars in the Crumlin Road Gaol ahead of his charity jail-break.INNT 44-071-FP
Pastor Frank Silo sampled life behind bars in the Crumlin Road Gaol ahead of his charity jail-break.INNT 44-071-FP

A NEW Mossley pastor has issued an urgent appeal to the public to help break him out of jail.

Pastor Frank Silo is currently on the run after he was alleged to have been caught turkey rustling, just before Christmas.

Although he denies the allegations against him, Frank has been pictured tucking into what looks like the leg of a very big bird.

Sources believe the net is closing in on the New Mossley Elim pastor and he could be caught any day now and thrown in the cells

But before you reach for the crime hotline, Pastor Silo’s night in the cells is all part of a charity challenge to raise money for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

He will spend a night in the iconic Crumlin Road Gaol and only released when his £3,500 bail money is paid.

The ‘culprit’, talked to the Times ahead of his incarceration: “It was a novel idea, I thought would get a bit of attention and raise money for a fantastic cause.

“The Children’s Hospice carry out a fantastic job helping young people with serious illnesses. For example £30 will pay for one hour of specialist nursing care for a life-limited child, whilst £1,380 will purchase a pain relieving syringe driver.

“The charity relies solely on donations from the public, so I would urge people to give what they can - if anything to help get me out of jail and home in time for Christmas.”

A spokesperson for the charity said: “We are delighted that Pastor Frank Silo has accepted the daunting challenge of raising a much needed £3,500 to help the Children’s Hospice care for life-limited children and their families over Christmas and New Year.

“It costs almost £3 million a year to provide care to children and their families across Northern Ireland and that this vital care service is only able to keep going thanks to the support of the general public making donations and organising fundraising events.”

Frank will be spending the night of November 30 in jail, to help break him out and donate call 078 0746 0785 or go to

Crumlin Road Gaol housed an estimated 25,000 prisoners during its 150 years. It is now a heritage site and open to the public for tours and conferences. For further information contact