Holly’s big haircut

Little Holly Cunningham (7) is raising money for the Little Princess Trust. INNT 05-019-FP
Little Holly Cunningham (7) is raising money for the Little Princess Trust. INNT 05-019-FP

A BIG-HEARTED Ballyclare schoolgirl is getting her hair cut short so that she can donate her ponytail to a charity that provides wigs to sick children who’ve lost their hair.

Seven-year-old Holly Cunningham from Russell Manor is due to get her lovely long locks snipped off on February 19 at the Studio 51 salon on Main Street. And between now and then she’s hoping to raise some much-needed cash for the charity.

Holly, a P3 pupil at Fairview Primary School, decided she wanted to support the Little Princess Trust - a charity that provides real hair wigs to children and young people across the UK who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment - after she and her mum read about the organisation on the internet.

“We had read a story online about a child whose friend was very sick and she was growing her hair so that her friend could have a wig. So when Holly wanted to get her hair cut we thought it was better to put it to good use rather than it just end up on the hairdresser’s floor,” explained mum, Laurie.

Holly, who attends tap and modern ballet classes, is dancing with delight at the prospect of getting nine inches, possibly more, taken off the length of her hair so that it can be styled into a bob.

“I want to help girls and boys who are sick and have no hair,” she told the Times.

Laurie said she and her husband, Brian are extremely proud of their daughter.

“Holly’s happy to be doing it; she’s very excited about having her hair cut into a bob. And we’re really proud of her; she’s doing a really good thing.”

Holly, who says she’d like to be an astronaut or possibly a ninja when she’s older, is hoping to raise at least £350 for the Little Princess Trust - the amount it costs the charity to make each wig.

Family and friends, along with staff at Fairview Primary, are already helping with Holly’s fundraising effort by pledging sponsorship, but anyone who would like to add their support can do so by calling in to Studio 51 and signing her sponsor form or by making a donation online at www.justgiving.com/Hollysbighaircut