Hospice thanks to local schools

Children from three local primary school havs shown their generous sides with important presentations to the Glengormley-based Children’s Hospic.

During the last week of term children from St Bernard’s, Rathcoole and Abbots Cross primary schools made donations totalling almost £600 to the charity which helps and supports children with life-limiting illnesses and their parents.

Pupils at St Bernard’s Primary School in Glengormley raised £153 by making and selling bracelets and bows.

Whilst Abbot’s Cross Primary School raised £300 from their ‘Jingle Jar’ collection of loose change.

And the children at Rathcoole Primary School’s nursery unit continued to ‘feed the pig’ - a special pig money box which they deposited loose change - and raised £145.

Fundraiser Peter McCabe said the money raised by the pupils was “greatly appreciated” and will make a “big difference”.

He added: “As a Newtownabbey-based service providing much-needed care to local children who have a life-limiting condition and in need of the support of the local community, we are delighted to receive these donations.”

He added: “Each year Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice has to raise £2.5million from voluntary donations.

“This would not be possible without the support of schools, such as Rathcoole nursery, Abbot’s Cross and St Bernard’s primary schools.”

If you would like to organise a fundraising event for theChildren’s Hospice call 9078 1836, email fundraising@nihospice.org or go to www.nihospice.org.