‘I’m scared for my kids’

Burglary victim Pranvera Cufaj
Burglary victim Pranvera Cufaj
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A WOMAN who was tied up and threatened during a burglary at her Jordanstown home last week says she and her family are now considering moving out of the area.

A gang of masked men broke into Pranvera Cufaj’s house at Lismore Place shortly after 8pm on Friday (October 14).

The six men ransacked the house and stole electrical items, jewellery and a considerable sum of cash.

Pranvera, who is originally from Albania, was alone in the house at the time of the terrifying incident.

“It was horrible. They just forced their way in and told me to sit down and shut up. I had the phone close to me and tried to call my husband, but one of the men pulled the phone off me and told me ‘Don’t move or I will kill you’.”

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