Incinerator body meets minister

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A group which was set up to highlight community concerns regarding a proposed incinerator in Mallusk has met with the DAERA Minister.

Members of the NoArc21 group met with DAERA Minister, Michelle McIlveen, on November 21 to discuss a letter, issued by the Department ahead of the PAC appeal regarding the proposed Hightown waste incinerator.

Following the meeting, NoArc21 representative Colin Buick said: “Minister McIlveen was made aware of the residents and objectors disappointment on learning of the department’s issuing of a letter used to support a much flawed and disputed planning application, especially in relation to timing of the letter July 2016. NOARC21 questioned the purpose of such communication in relation to other Ministerial offices having the approach of non-committal during PAC Appeal and NOARC21 expressed their shock at such a decision being taken.

“DAERA Ministers communication being instrumental in removal of the legal funding from the commercial objectors Bombardier/River Ridge Recycling/Fraser Homes. This being especially difficult to understand after NOARC21 receiving full support from former DUP MP William McCrea and all local siting MLAs in delegation against Hightown Incinerator on June 23 2014. Support at local level throughout all political groupings still being close to 100 per cent.”

For more information about the group, check out the Stop the Hightown Waste Incinerator Facebook page.