Jack gets close to Rathcoole gaggle

A GAGGLE of wild geese caused a bit of a flap in Rathcoole on New Year's Day.

A flock of more than a dozen greylag geese, which breed wild in parts of Scotland, landed in the middle of the borough's biggest residential area on Saturday afternoon. And obviously pleased to have avoided being on the menu at Christmas, they showed off their patterned plumage as they boldly strutted along one of the main roads through the estate.

Local schoolboy Jack Close captured this amazing picture of the large grey birds strolling calmly along Rathmore Drive.

The 13-year-old Belfast High School pupil was travelling home in the car with his mother, Susan, when he snapped the birds on the new camera phone he got for Christmas.

"It was about three o'clock and we were on our way home from my mother's house in Whitehouse when we saw the geese walking along at the side of the road," Susan explained.

"It was crazy looking. There were about 15 or 16 of them in total just walking down the footpath as if they knew where they were going."

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