Local firm supplies Astana Expo 2017

Astana Expo 2017.
Astana Expo 2017.

Environmental Street Furniture (ESF) is charged up ahead of Kazakhstan’s showcase Astana Expo which is taking place from June until September 2017.

Based at the Valley Business Centre, ESF was tasked with its partner, Lotz Group in Kazakhstan, to supply and install a range of innovative solar powered street furniture products for the Expo.

Through working with designers and teams from Austria, USA, Germany and Croatia, ESF has delivered mobile phone street charge units, smart flower charging units and Solaria solar benches, all enabling users to charge their phones and tablets while attending the Expo. The theme for the Expo is ‘Future Energy’ and will provide ESF with a platform to showcase its business and innovative products which highlight how to harness solar energy in new ways.

ESF utilised Invest Northern Ireland’s Business Information Centre to access market research which helped identify Lotz Group as a potential partner. Invest NI has also offered the company export marketing assistance to help it showcase at Astana Expo.

Alan Lowry, managing director of ESF said: “We were delighted to have been partnered globally with companies to develop these solar products. It is with the support of Invest NI that we are able to be involved with such a unique event and have the opportunity to show in situ our innovative products to visitors at the Expo.

“The smart flower solar products are very eye catching and in addition to stopping visitors in their tracks to see what they actually are; they also generate a substantial amount of energy which will be used to power the lights in the park that leads to the Expo. The benches and mobile phone charging units not only enable visitors to charge up their phones, cameras and tablets but they also provide real time weather information which is always useful.”