Local students showcase ‘chatbot’ at Belfast exhibition

The Avidity team.
The Avidity team.

A group of young entrepreneurs are showcasing their invention at a prestigious event at St George’s Market today.

The pupils from Belfast High School have created a chatbot which could make a change to local dog owners by giving them different locations to walk their pets.

The device could also show them tips and tricks that they could use to look after their dogs.

Ahead of the exhibition in Belfast, the Young Enterprise pupils set up the company, Avidity.

Speaking to the Times, Managing Director of the Young Enterprise company, Stewart Mclean said: “We are a group of 16 and 17 year old pupils, running a student company.

“We wanted to target dog owners, as many of the people in our team have dogs and felt that it was a key market to target.

“We then decided we could provide a service that would allow dog owners to find safe local walks, local dog groomers, local vets and also access some discounts for groomers and pet shops.”

Explaining the benefits that their chatbot could potentially bring, Stewart added: “Dog owners will be able to access free information about dogs a lot quicker than you can on the internet.

“Instead of having to search through endless pages of information on the web, the user simply goes to our Facebook page iPaws and types in what they are looking for and the information will be found and delivered directly to the user on Facebook Messenger.

“Our Chatbot also provides safe local walks and offers other services such as tips and tricks for different dog breeds.”

During the programme, the students have developed a number of skills, including improving their confidence and communication techniques.

Zach Curry- Assistant IT Director said: “I have learnt key digital technology skills including how to make a chatbot.”

Charlotte Burgess- Marketing Director added: “I have developed my communication skills through Young Enterprise and it has helped me in other aspects of school.”

For more information about the project, check out avidityye on Facebook and Instagram.