Local visual artist to showcase installation

Lise helped Arlene Foster celebrate when she became First Minister.
Lise helped Arlene Foster celebrate when she became First Minister.

A local artist has created work to coincide with the centenary of the end of World War One and the twentieth anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement in 2018.

Visual artist, Lise McGreevy’s work ‘Abandoned not Forgotten?’ is a collection created as part of Phase II of a three-part peace and reconciliation self-initiated art project.

Lise developed the concept of peace by looking at its implications within a historical and cultural aspect of Ireland’s history.

She said: “I felt it important as an artist, with a strong documentary background and deep rooted interest in my ‘wee’ country, to research deeper into, and report pictorially on a time in our history where the north and south of our island were not divided by political, cultural and historical differences and borders.

“I took Donegal as my muse, reflecting that it represented both the north and south of Ireland – geographically in the north, but under the derestriction of Ireland.

“Taking language and culture as my points of historical unity, I decided to do first hand research in the county, locating and photographing every derelict house I came across and also their surroundings to contexualise their abandonment.”

The installation will be formally launched at an open ceremony at The Engine Room Gallery on Thursday, June 1. It will be hosted here until June 30.