‘Low-lifes’ take Davy’s lifeline

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VANDALS who stole and wrecked a disabled man’s mobility scooter - and with it his lifeline to the world - have been branded ‘disgusting low-lifes’.

The thieves made off with Davy Coburn’s mobility scooter which was parked outside his Coolderry Gardens home sometime between 3am and 7am on Friday, February 4.

Wrecked and unusable, the machine was later found close to the ‘multis’ in Rathcoole with hundreds of pounds of repairs needed.

This incident is believed to be the latest in a string of similar thefts in the Rathcoole estate.

Davy suffers with ulcers in his legs and so cannot bear his own weight on them. He is currently going through physiotherapy to learn how to walk again.

The 49-year-old who lives on his own said: “I just wish they could spend time experiencing what I have to live with to see what the loss of the scooter means to me.

“I go everywhere in it, all around the estate and up to Monkstown. I have even been known to bump the odd snooker table.

“I was an HGV driver and I loved driving about - losing the scooter is a great loss, I would go stir crazy if I couldn’t get out of the house, it is my lifeline.”

He added: “They obviously couldn’t get it started and I just think that they decided if they couldn’t have it no-one could.”

The Rathcoole Friends of the Somme Society, with the help of Disability Needs, have provided Davy with a replacement scooter while his is getting repaired.

Davy said: “They are just a phone call away and I can’t thank them enough.

“I love Rathcoole - I’ve lived here all my life - and have never had a care in the world or any enemies. Now I don’t know, things won’t be the same, and I’ll always be looking over my shoulder.”

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