'Luck' pipe bomb did not ignite

POLICE are investigating a petrol bomb attack on a flat in Ballyclare.

Part of the roof, guttering and a window were damaged in the attack on the Doagh Road property at around 7pm on Sunday night (January 30).

Two people were seen fleeing the area after the attack and the police have appealed for information.

Residents in the area said they were disgusted at this latest incident.

"We are seeing more and more of this thing," said one Grange resident.

"Bins were set on fire last week and now this. There is a very nasty element coming into the town doing this sort of thing.

"The pipe bomb was thrown at the flat and it smashed a window, but did not catch light properly.

"Had it done, no doubt the fire would have taken that flat and possibly the entire block - those living there were lucky," he told the Times.