Lynsey loses the pounds and gains a career helping others

Lynsey Haskins. INNT 02-207-CON
Lynsey Haskins. INNT 02-207-CON

Lynsey Haskins was always a petite child and even as a teenager, was slim. So when she was in her early twenties and the extra weight crept on, she began to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Lynsey gained weight over a period of time. She slowly but steadily went up in clothes sizes, which deep down made her extremely unhappy.

After giving birth to her first daughter in 2002, Lynsey found the extra weight she gained during her pregnancy hard to shift. She attempted a variety of diets but nothing kept the weight off. There were times she was able to shed a couple of pounds but it wouldn’t take long for them to pile back on.

Lynsey had her second daughter in 2009 and got married in 2010. Looking at her wedding photographs afterwards, all she could see was an overweight, unhealthy bride, and watching the wedding video was even worse.

“I was waddling down the aisle like a big lump,” she said.

Lynsey wanted to lose weight and keep it off this time, but she loved her food and didn’t want to starve herself.

A friend mentioned she had lost two stone after she joined a local Slimming World Group but was still able to eat as much as she wanted of the foods she liked.

Lynsey joined and followed Slimming World’s diet plan to the letter. After losing over five pounds in the first week, she was hooked.

Slimming Word has changed Lynsey’s life. She has now trained as a consultant to help, support and encourage others lose weight just like her - the Slimming World Way.

She has just opened her own group which meets on Mondays at 7.30pm in Glengormley Integrated Primary School, Church Road, Newtownabbey. For more details, ring Lynsey on 07784 413476.