Macedon councillor issues warning about phone scams


Macedon Councillor David Hollis has warned local householders to be wary of phone scams.

The TUV man spoke out this week after receiving a call that he believes was designed to con him out of money.

“Many of us are plagued by nuisance phone calls. All too often they are seeking to pedal some scam, but this week I received a call which was new to me,” Cllr Hollis said. “The caller said he wanted to stop me receiving nuisance calls from foreign numbers. He said he could do this by selling me a policy priced at 50p a week. Then came the catch. All he would need was my full bank details to set it up! When I suggested that he send me details through the post he said this wasn’t possible and that he could only do it over the phone. Obviously this was a scam designed to fleece the vulnerable.

“I would urge everyone to be vigilant when dealing with unsolicited calls. Under no circumstances should anyone give out their bank details,” he added.