‘Majority of residents wanted path closed’

The former Carnmoney Road Tesco store. Archive pic.
The former Carnmoney Road Tesco store. Archive pic.

A path at the rear of a former commercial premises in Glengormley has been closed to the public following a public consultation process.

The path, which had become a popular short-cut between Hillview Park and the Carnmoney Road, had been open to the public from the 1980s.

Residents had used the thoroughfare to access the former Tesco store on the Carnmoney Road and other local amenities including schools, a health centre and Glengormley Library.

The site of the Tesco store is being developed for homes by Clanmil Housing.

A spokesperson for Clanmil Housing said: “Based on feedback from local residents our proposal for new homes at Carnmoney Road currently does not include retaining this access.

“We are continuing to progress our plans to deliver great homes on this site for those who need them. We are always keen to hear the thoughts of those who have an interest and would encourage anyone who wants to share their views to get in touch.”

A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted the Times to express his concerns surrounding the closure of the path.

He said: “The path had been open for many years. It provided handy access to shops, schools and the health centre. Now it is inconvenient for local residents who have to walk further as this popular ‘right-of-way’ has been closed. The closure of the path has raised a number of negative issues for the community.”

Responding to these claims, Cllr Phillip Brett said: “We received a petition from around 30 local residents who wanted the path to be closed. I am aware of a member of the public who has called for the path to be reopened, but the majority of residents wanted the path to be closed.”

The DUP representative added: “Residents have access to a pathway in Lilian Bland Park, which provides them with a route between Hillview Park and the Carnmoney Road. This is only yards away from the closed path.”