Mallusk firm’s asbestos storage role approved by council

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A planning application by ISL Waste Management which could see asbestos and animal waste stored at its Mallusk plant has been unanimously approved by Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council’s planning committee.

The application, which came before the committee on September 21, proposed an extension to the existing materials recovery facility to include new plant and additional European waste catalogue codes.

A council planning officer, who recommended that planning permission be granted, said that the plant would increase its floorspace to a total 9,112 square metres.

A council report said: “The applicant has stated that the proposed waste types (such as animal-tissue waste, laboratory chemicals consisting of/ or containing dangerous substances, asbestos containing construction materials) will be properly handled, stored and removed from the site in line with the NIEA and industry standards.”

The report added that the application would not pose a serious environmental risk to air, water or soil.

Thomas Bell from Clyde Shanks, who are acting as agent to the applicant, said that ISL employs 50 people and has an “impeccable record”.

“The motivation is to diversify the operation with an investment of £1.9 million and this will include occupying units that have lain vacant for 10 years.

“No processing of hazardous waste is proposed, it will be bulked and passed on to another place,” he said.

Mr Bell said that the application for animal waste or asbestos was there to “increase the scope.”

“There is no intention of using asbestos. It will merely be brought, stored and sent to sites,” he continued.

Mr Bell said that asbestos would be taken in and put it out again in five days, or could be stored for longer without processing.

He said vehicular traffic would be unchanged and the hours of operation would remain as approved, which was from 7am to 7pm, although there was a 24/7 permit.

Cllr Trevor Beatty proposed that council grant planning permission and was seconded by cllr Brian Duffin. The proposal passed unanimously.