Mallusk firm’s device to prevent gas deaths

John Toner, MD of Williams Industrial Services, Mallusk with the H2S monitor. INNT 40-052-FP
John Toner, MD of Williams Industrial Services, Mallusk with the H2S monitor. INNT 40-052-FP

After the terrible tragedy at the Spence family farm in Hillsborough last month, Mallusk engineering company Williams Industrial Services (WIS) believes it has a product that can help save farmers’ lives.

The firm has developed a small instrument that detects harmful gases including the H2S gas (Hydrogen Sulphide) – the lethal fume generated from slurry.

The monitors are a back-up to a safe system of work, not a substitute, and they encourage farmers to follow a safe system of work before even considering working with slurry.

Available in two-year or three-year versions, the single gas detector requires no calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement, or battery charging.

The simplicity of the monitor makes it one of the most cost-effective PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) solutions for farmers and on-site contractors.

WIS have been supplying such monitors to the commercial and municipal sectors for more than 20 years. Customers include engineers at sewage treatment works throughout Northern Ireland and companies such as NI Water.

MD and chairman John Toner said: “We believe the Spence family tragedy is a stark reminder of the dangers of slurry gas on our Northern Ireland farms.

“Whilst we are a commercial business we do not want to capitalise on this tragedy, but rather offer our knowledge and expertise gained within the gas detection and personal safety sector over the last 20 years.

“As such we are prepared to offer farmers these units at cost, namely £95 plus VAT for the two-year model and £117.00 plus VAT for the three-year model.

“We have already had meetings with the Ulster Farmers’ Union, and will continue to support them in whatever way we can.”

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