Mallusk football team scores eco-friendly sponsorship deal


ISL Waste Management, a leading local business that helps companies strive to achieve the ultimate goal of zero waste, has come up with a novel sponsorship deal for Mallusk Athletic Football Club.

The Mallusk-based business has helped the team ‘go green’ with a new kit made entirely from recycled materials. And their old playing strips won’t be going to waste either. They will be sent out to Africa through the Ambassadors in Sport charity to be used by a local soccer team.

“This sponsorship wasn’t simply driven by fulfilling the desires of our football mad employees, although it is an added extra to have the employees’ support,” explained Barry Donaghy, Director of ISL Waste Management.

“When the idea started to formulate in my head, I knew it could never be just a straight forward sponsorship of a strip made from recycled materials, given the reputation ISL holds as a leader within the waste management industry. I carefully thought out each step of the process right ‘through the line’ to ensure we could deliver zero waste, which parallels our ultimate goal for all bodies we work with.”

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