Massive jobs loss at FG Wilson

FG Wilson has announced massive job losses
FG Wilson has announced massive job losses

ALMOST 800 people will lose their jobs at FG Wilson, the company has announced today (Thursday).

In a statemen, FG Wilson said 760 people would lose their jobs at the company’s three locations across Northern Ireland.

It’s not known how many will be lost at the company’s east Antrim plants at Monkstown and Larne, but large numbers of staff will lose their jobs.

The company, which employs almost 3,000 people in the province, has announced the job losses ahead of moving part of its production arm to China.

Trade union Unite branded the company’s actions as “contemptuous”, while east Antrim Assemblyman Stewart Dickson said the move would be “devastating for families”.

Robert Kennedy, Northern Ireland operations director for FG Wilson said: “We value our employees’ contributions, and these actions are not a reflection of them, but rather of the business climate.”

We’ll have the full story in next week’s paper.