Mayfield road adoption welcomed

NEWTOWNABBEY councillor and Antrim Line representative Mark Cosgrove has welcomed the adoption of the Mayfield link road by the Roads Service.

The move comes several years after the road was finished and culminates in detailed work between the Roads Service, developers Fraser Homes and NI Water over the last 18 months.

Councillor Cosgrove said: “One of the biggest challenges that I took on when I got elected last May was to see if I could get all the pieces together to get this road adopted. “When I started in June last year I was astonished that the sewers hadn’t even been adopted. There was also a lot of mis-information about the developer a lot of which when I investigated was actually wrong.

“I have had over 100 pieces of correspondence and meetings with Roads Service and Frasers on this single issue and as each obstacle has come about we have worked to overcome it.”

He went on: “The first challenge was to get the sewers adopted before moving onto the roads.

“John Irvine of Roads Service worked with me, step by step, inch by inch in finally getting this done.

“He agreed last winter to include it in the winter gritting programme even though it had not been formally adopted. This meant the people of Mayfield and Alderly had the road gritted and could get to and from work and school.

“The people of the greater Hightown and Mallusk area will be absolutely delighted with this news which has been delivered through sheer hard work, persistence and determination.

“I would also like to thank my UUP ministerial colleague Danny Kennedy and my south Antrim colleague Danny Kinahan who ensured this issue was high up the Roads Service priority list.”