Mayor’s Christmas parties to celebrate community spirit

Billy Webb
Billy Webb

MAYOR Billy Webb will host two smaller Christmas celebrations at Mossley Mill this December instead of the traditional gala dinner.

At their recent council meeting, members approved a proposal to hold two events in the mill’s Linen Suite on December 8 and 9, at a combined cost of £9,000.

“Councillors will be asked to nominate recipients from within their District Electoral Area (DEA) for invitations, and each member will be invited to host a table on their respective DEA’s night. It is intended that the event will recognise the hard work and commitment of unpaid community workers, and of local business owners in providing valuable services to the local community in the current challenging economic times,” the meeting was informed.

The December 8 event will be for the Macedon and University DEAs, and December 9 for Antrim Line and Ballyclare DEAs. Each event will take the form of a drinks reception and buffet meal.

“By hosting the two events back to back, using a buffet format and reducing the entertainment costs, the overall cost is in line with the copy of the Mayor’s Christmas Dinner in 2010,” members were told.