McMullan candidate in Westminster election

Oliver McMullan.
Oliver McMullan.

Sinn Féin’s Oliver McMullan has said the upcoming Westminster election is “an opportunity to vote against the Tory Brexit agenda and austerity”.

The party’s East Antrim candidate said: “In the last Assembly election, the people came out and voted for equality, integrity and respect and that vote made a difference.

“Now as we face into a Westminster election where the Tories and the DUP want to drag us out of the EU against our will, the vote of the people can make a difference once again. Brexit will be a disaster for the economy, for local business, for farmers and the wider agri-food industry, for the health service, for workers’ rights and border communities. Staying in the EU is vital to our future prosperity.

“There can be no EU frontier across Ireland. Trade tariffs and border controls are unacceptable. Sinn Féin is the only party to put forward a credible alternative to Brexit with our case for designated special status for the north within the EU.”

“What Sinn Féin wins in this election is a win for everyone who wants a new progressive politics which is modern and inclusive.”