Meeting to focus on integrated education


A public meeting hosted by the Integrated Education Fund is set to take place in Monkstown on June 6.

The event, which is due to take place in the Monkstown Village Centre at 7:30pm, will provide information about integrated education.

Commenting on the upcoming meeting, a spokesperson for the Integrated Education Fund said: “You may have seen Liam Neeson’s video sharing the news of the Integrate My School campaign.

“Most parents support the idea of integrated education, but still today most young people don’t have the chance to learn, play and grow alongside others different traditions and backgrounds. Liam’s message is that this can change, with the help of parents.”

The spokesperson added: “Government policy supports any school wishing to become officially integrated, and this can only happen with the backing of parents.

“The meeting will let local families learn more about the process and hear how other schools have taken this path, with great success.

“There will be plenty of time to ask questions and a chance to register support for bringing integration to your school, on the website”