Microchip your dog or face a fine

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Newtownabbey Borough Council is highlighting that as of Monday, April 9, new legislation comes into force which requires that all dogs must be microchipped.

After this date the council will not be able to issue any new dog licences without the owner supplying a valid microchip number, unless they have a certificate from a vet stating that the dog is unable to be microchipped for health reasons. A dog licence will not be valid if the dog being licensed has not been microchipped and the council may issue a fixed penalty notice (£80) or prosecute the keeper of an unlicensed dog.

The Dogs Trust has supplied micro-chips to vets in Newtownabbey where dogs can be chipped free of charge. Dog owners should contact their local vet for advice.

The council’s Dog Wardens can also provide advice and can read microchip numbers for dog owners who may have lost their dog’s registration number, Tel: 028 9034 0160.

Further information can be found on the council website at www.newtownabbey.gov.uk