Mid Ulster needs new politics - McGlone

SDLP Candidate for the Mid Ulster By-Election, Patsy McGlone, has called for the people of Mid Ulster to seize the opportunity for a new politics that will focus on the real issues affecting local families not on a sectarian squabble.

The Mid Ulster MLA said “This election gives the people of Mid Ulster an opportunity for new politics by changing the type of MP who represents them. The divisive politics of McGuinness versus McCrea is the politics of the past.

“The parties who will strive during this campaign to place a sectarian headcount, focusing on flags and border polls, are failing to recognise about the struggles faced by people across Mid Ulster. The politics that dominated Mid Ulster over the past 15 years are of no benefit to people who are looking for work, trying to pay their bills, run a business or raise a family.”

“The people of Mid Ulster and the North want and need to move on to the issues that matter. Our new politics must be built on the issues that matter including job creation; fair welfare for the vulnerable; justice for all, including the unborn; local powers over taxation; and an Executive at Stormont that actually delivers for Mid Ulster.”

“Mid Ulster needs new politics that will help rebuild the local economy and renew the rural community. I want to be a strong voice for the people of Mid Ulster as their MP on the floor of Parliament, filling a role that has been badly missed here for too long. I want make sure that the priorities and concerns of local people are properly represented.”