Mindless vandals target Whiteabbey Hospital

INNT 16-100FP
INNT 16-100FP

ANTI-SOCIAL yobs have gone on a series of wrecking sprees at Whiteabbey Hospital over the past few weeks, it has been revealed.

The Times has learnt that crowds of young people, some aged as young as 11 or 12, have been gathering in the hospital grounds, causing a nuisance to staff and patients.

In recent weeks they have stolen a copper water tank, broken into the doctors’ bungalows and vandalised them, smashed windows in the Social Work department, damaged the hospital’s heating system and flooded the toilets in McCaughey House - leaving the Trust with a hefty repair bill it can ill afford.

DUP Assembly election candidate for North Belfast, Paula Bradley, condemned the ongoing trouble at the Doagh Road facility and called for it to stop immediately.

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